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Daisi Jo Reviews serves as a discovery pipeline for consumers searching for high- quality beauty, fashion and lifestyle product and services.

Daisi Jo Reviews provides thorough, non-bias product reviews from beauty, fashion, lifestyle and DTC brands.

Recommended as “one of the most unique sources of analysis on beauty and fashion”, Daisi Jo Reviews has subscribers from all over the world, in every economic and professional capacity that want to understand how beauty and fashion are impacting our world.

Daisi Jo Reviews is based in Atlanta, where we work hard everyday to provide our readers with high-quality content that is actionable and has a positive impact on their lives.

Our discovery channels include:

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  • Youtube.com/DaisiJoReviews (long form reviews, industry analysis and education),
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Meet Daisi

Modelpreneur, Digital Creator, and Product Knowledge Expert, Daisi is the Founder of Daisi Jo Reviews. She has been featured in VoyagerLA, L.A. Times, and Thrive Global.

Daisi is a former beauty queen (Miss Jamaica International and Miss Jamaica Earth 2005), fashion model, entrepreneur, and investor. She is passionate about helping people understand the business of beauty and fashion and not just from a consumption standpoint.

As a 20-year veteran as a beauty queen, model, entrepreneur, and investor, I have developed a deep and genuine interest in the business of beauty and the people behind the products and brands that cultivate a cult following. My blog posts, videos and social media content center around helping my audience understand the brands they buy and the products they are loyal to better.

I am uniquely qualified to share and interpret how what happens during a brands earnings call can impact the packaging or price of new products while also demonstrating how to use and apply said products.

If you’re a brand that has an exciting project or idea that you think would fit the Daisi Jo Reviews audience, please get in touch with me here to request my Rate Sheet and Media Kit. I’m also available to speak at both private and public events.