One Tablespoon is All You Need: My Review of Jot Coffee

With work, family, and busy schedules, finding time to wait in long lines for a coffee run seems like a luxury these days. That’s why I was excited to try Jot Coffee, a brand touting itself as “coffee, instantly” made from just one tablespoon. Having reviewed several highly rated coffee subscription boxes and meal kits in the past, I was curious to see if Jot lived up to the hype.

Ease of Use

I’ll admit, the one tablespoon claim seemed too good to be true. But after receiving my shipment of Jot’s Original Coffee, I was amazed at how easy it was to make a cup. Simply add one full tablespoon to hot or cold water, milk, or other liquids. Within seconds, I had a perfectly drinkable coffee with no mess or fuss. The simplicity was unbeatable for mornings when time is scarce.

Taste and Quality

My biggest concern was whether quality would be sacrificed for convenience. However, I found Jot’s coffee tasted fresh, smooth, and complex – comparable to my usual brewed coffee. The notes of cocoa and caramel came through nicely whether enjoyed hot or over ice. Jot seems to have nailed extracting maximum flavor during their unique concentration process. One thing I will say is that Jot is great for people who like a strong cold brew.

Concentrated Coffee

I was amazed that Jot can condense fresh coffee into such a portable yet potent format. They achieve a concentration level of 19.78 through their progressive enrichment process. This innovative technique carefully steeps and redistills the coffee over multiple cycles to extract maximum flavor into each tablespoon.

Progressive Enrichment Process

Jot’s closed system method is meticulously controlled. Nothing is added or removed from the coffee during concentration. This unique process allows them to develop an ultra-smooth brew with bold taste packed into a small volume. It feels like drinking an upside-down espresso shot in its texture and strength of flavor.

Low Environmental Impact

Knowing one bottle provides up to 14 cups of coffee means considerably less packaging waste versus individual servings. Jot’s process significantly reduces the environmental footprint of traditional coffee production and shipping. I feel good enjoying this convenient cup while supporting more sustainable consumption habits.

Blend of Beans

Jot sources premium arabica beans from Central and South America for their Original blend. These origins yield a naturally low acid profile that’s easy on the stomach even when consumed black. Complex notes of caramel and cocoa complement the subtle earthiness of this full yet balanced roast.

Smooth Texture

Despite the extreme concentration, Jot maintains a silky smooth texture without any grittiness. Their method truly allows the natural qualities of high-quality beans to shine through intensely without compromise to drinkability.

Value and Variety

At under $20 for a bottle with 14 cups worth, Jot is also incredibly affordable compared to daily coffee shop runs. I’ll save a lot by making cafe-style lattes and cold brews at home. Jot also offers a Dark Roast and rotating seasonal flavors to keep things interesting. Subscribers receive discounts too, making this my new everyday coffee staple.


The bottles Jot uses for packaging are made of BPA-free plastic and come with a tightly sealed lid to ensure freshness. I appreciated the simple labeling which calls out key details like number of servings and ingredients.
The bottles are also compact for proper shipping and storage in my refrigerator. Everything felt well-protected for transit. I received my order intact with no leaks or broken seals.

Shipping Arrival

Jot ships from Colorado and I received my order on the estimated delivery date, just 2-3 business days after ordering. The package arrived nicely insulated to prevent temperature fluctuations that could affect flavor.
Even with fast shipping, the coffee tasted as freshly brewed as the first day. I was impressed by Jot’s ability to quickly process and deliver orders while maintaining quality. Their logistics seemed efficient for maximizing freshness.
Customer service also noted they carefully select shipping partners to handle Jot with care. Overall, the packaging and shipping process left me confident in the product’s freshness from bottling to my doorstep. It’s clear Jot prioritizes proper handling every step of the way.
So in summary, the compact, leak-proof packaging paired with speedy but careful shipping helped maintain Jot’s outstanding taste. It arrived in perfect condition ready to enjoy.
The verdict? For anyone wanting premium coffee without the fuss, Jot truly delivers. This review has me sold on the convenience of one tablespoon brewing from now on. Jot has replaced my regular coffee routine with ease and affordability. I’ll be enjoying this tasty extract for the long haul.