A Tropical Escape in a Bottle: A Review of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Tiger Lily Fragrance

Having been a fan of the original Flowerbomb fragrance, I was eager to try Viktor & Rolf’s latest addition to the collection – Flowerbomb Tiger Lily. This perfume transports you to a tropical oasis with its notes of coconut milk, tiger lily and mango.
Upon first spray, the creamy coconut milk note is beautifully balanced with the exotic tiger lily blossom. It dries down to a lovely floral scent that is never too heavy. In the background, the juicy mango note adds a delicate fruitiness that lingers on the skin.
The amber colored bottle, engraved with the signature Flowerbomb logo, is a work of art. It feels luxurious and durable enough for a perfume of this caliber. As with other Viktor & Rolf fragrances, the scent lasts all day on my skin without becoming excessive.
At $180 for a 3.4oz bottle, this is certainly an investment. However, considering the high quality ingredients and gorgeous packaging, it offers good value for money compared to many designer perfumes. I would highly recommend Flowerbomb Tiger Lily for those seeking an escape from winter into a floral tropical oasis anytime of year. It’s a unique yet universally appealing feminine fragrance.
  • Notes: The fragrance opens with a refreshing coconut milk accord. At the heart is a lush tiger lily accord blended with tropical mango. It dries down to a sensual base of benzoin.
  • Performance: On my skin, this perfume has excellent longevity. I still detect floral and coconut notes 8-10 hours after application. Sillage is moderate – those nearby can smell it but it’s not overwhelmingly strong.
  • Inspiration: The notes were selected to conjure feelings of sun-drenched tropical escapes. Tiger lily is said to represent confidence and sensuality. The bottle design echoes the multi-faceted texture of its flower namesake.
  • Comparisons: It’s fruitier and lighter than original Flowerbomb but with the same rich floral quality. Fans of Dior J’adore or Armani Si Fiori might appreciate its balance of freshness and luxury.
  • Compliments: Several friends commented how the coconut and lily blended beautifully on my skin. It’s a unique yet appealing signature scent most would find pleasant.
  • Value: At around $53/oz, it’s investment but V&R fragrances are expertly crafted using quality ingredients. A little goes a long way in this potent elixir.
  • Occasions: This is a day-to-evening scent that works for warm weather shopping/dining but is sophisticated enough for the office. Great for tropically-inspired events too.
Flowerbomb Tiger Lily has very good longevity compared to many other fragrances, both designer and niche. Here’s a brief comparison:
  • Compared to other Viktor & Rolf fragrances, it lasts on par or slightly longer than scents like Flowerbomb and Bonbon. These usually provide 6-8 hours of scent.
  • In terms of designer fragrances, it outperforms many popular options from Dior, Chanel, YSL etc. Those scents often fade within 4-6 hours.
  • Juicy Couture fragrances are known for having poor longevity, sometimes fading within 2 hours. Tiger Lily easily lasts twice as long.
  • Niche perfume oils tend to last longer, 12+ hours, but Tiger Lily holds its own against liquid perfumes from brands like Nest, Byredo, and Maison Margiela.
  • Perfumes with stronger base notes like cashmeran and vanilla can last 10-12 hours but Tiger Lily’s 8 hour longevity holds up well.
  • EDM (Eau De Parfum) perfumes emphasizing top notes may only perform for 3-4 hours before becoming a skin scent.
It’s an accurate assessment to say that at the 8 hour mark Tiger Lily is outlasting many popular designer brands and competing well against higher-end niche options. Its quality ingredients and balanced composition provide above average longevity for the price.
Overall, Viktor & Rolf have crafted another winning scent that transports you to paradise with its fresh, coconut-lily-mango blend. The luxurious bottle is as much a delight as the fragrance within.