Kayali Pistachio Gelato Perfume Review: Transports You to an Italian Gelateria

The new Kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato 33 perfume transports you straight to an Italian gelateria. With notes of creamy pistachio, nutty caramel and toasted coconut, this gourmand fragrance is as delicious-smelling as a bowl of the frozen treat. In this Kayali perfume review, I share my thoughts on the scent profile and longevity of this authentic pistachio gelato perfume. If you love nutty, creamy gourmand fragrances that evoke feelings of summer indulgence, keep reading!

A Bite of Pistachio Gelato in a Perfume

I’m a big fan of gourmand fragrances that capture the essence of sweet foods and treats. When I heard Kayali was launching a pistachio gelato perfume, I knew I had to try it. Notes of pistachio, caramel and coconut conjure up icy pistachio gelato on a hot summer day. On application, the pistachio note is bright and nutty without being too heavy. It mixes beautifully with the sweet coconut and caramel to create a creamy, almost edible blend. The flavors blend together like a delicious bowl of homemade gelato. Wearing it takes me straight back to gelato shops in Italy – I’m instantly cooled down and craving something cold and sweet! This authentic gourmand scent will have you salivating.

Long-Lasting Pistachio Gelato Scent

One thing I appreciate about Kayali fragrances is their excellent longevity. The Pistachio Gelato perfume lingers for hours on my skin, continuing to surprise me with tasty whiffs throughout the day. Over 8 hours later, hints of the pistachio, caramel, and coconut notes persist in a soft, creamy cloud. It creates an indulgent summer memory that lingers as long as the scent.
If you’re looking for a true-to-life pistachio gelato perfume experience to transport you to an Italian countryside gelateria, the Kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato perfume is perfect for you. It’s one sweet treat you can wear all day. Let me know if you try this creamy gourmand scent!