Permanent Hair Reduction Begins at Home: My Review of the ULike Air 3 IPL Device


This compact yet powerful at-home light therapy tool erased my unwanted hair faster than any other method ever could

I have always been a very, very hairy girl. Even before puberty, I had a body full of fine hair covering my arms, back, face, and so on. Everyone was so nice to call it “peach fuzz” or “baby hair”.  To be honest, I was a full-on decendent of “Cousin It”. When I hit puberty, my sheet of peach fuzz blossomed into a full-on blanket.
Through my teenage years and into early adulthood, I struggled with the social embarrassment of facial hair, sideburns and shadows from where I had shaved and you could see the hair regrowing just under my skin.
I started shaving daily from the age of 15 years old. Over time, I learned to plan my mornings to allow enough time to shave most of my body, to Nair my face, and pluck whatever course hairs were left behind.
Let me be clear, this was a humiliating process. Laser Hair Removal hadn’t been invented yet. Electrolysis was barely accessible. So all there was to do was manage.
It wasn’t until my 30’s that laser hair removal became accessible.  It was then that I learned that eliminating the hair on my body and face would be an incremental process that would take many treatments and lots of money. My first laser hair removal sessions were $90/ea every 3 weeks for an initial 12 sessions. I ended up going to get laser hair removal done in a clinic for almost 3 years.
Later I purchased a device when the technology became available. Which brings me to the magic that is ULike.
I’ve tried several devices in the “at-home permanent hair removal” category which provided varying results. When I received the ULike Air 3, I was extremely impressed because I didn’t have to worry about numbing my skin, burns, or overheating. The results were speedy. I saw significant hair in less than 4 weeks.

What is IPL?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a type of light therapy that targets the melanin, or pigment, in hair follicles through wavelength-specific pulses of light energy. By damaging the follicle’s ability to produce hair over time, longer-lasting hair reduction can be achieved with minimal discomfort compared to alternatives like waxing or shaving.
IPL technology works by emitting broad spectrum pulses of light energy that are absorbed by unwanted hair pigment (melanin). The heat created damages the hair follicle and disrupts its growth cycle, leading to hair shedding on the treated area. With consistent treatments over several weeks, longer term hair reduction of up to 65% can be achieved permanently.

How does the ULike Air 3 work?

The Ulike Air 3 is one of the most advanced at-home IPL devices to date. Its powerful yet compact 450,000 Lux lamp pulses 755nm-1,200nm light wavelengths to target all hair and skin types effectively. Using SenoCare SmartChip technology, its advanced sensors detect skin tone and hair color to deliver precisely dosed treatments safely. Customized treatment modes can even be adjusted based on body areas for targeted effectiveness.
The Ulike Air 3 takes special care to ensure safe and comfortable treatments with every use. It features an advanced cooling panel that circulates air around the treatment handset, maintaining a soothing skin temperature of around 10°C/50°F to prevent overheating.
The device also offers three customizable treatment modes. The gentle “Soft” setting is perfect for delicate areas. “Body” mode effectively targets coarser hair on legs and arms. For more stubborn growth on areas like underarms and chest, the powerful “Power” mode does the trick.
An added perk is the Auto-Glide button, allowing for swift treatments over large zones. It delivers light pulses every 0.7 seconds to reduce a full-body session down to a speedy 12 minutes. With adjustable settings and efficient coverage, the Ulike Air 3 provides a safe yet results-driven experience for all hair removal needs.

What makes the ULike Air 3 Special?

Safety is also a priority, with its IPL technology emitting no UV or infrared light risks. What’s more, its ergonomic cooling panel circulates air to prevent overheating for smooth gliding, even on larger treatment zones. Treatments only take 5-15 minutes too depending on coverage needed – a huge time saver over alternatives. Perhaps best of all though is its wallet-friendly price point that makes light therapy affordable for anyone.

What's included in the ULike Air 3 Package?

The Ulike Air 3 comes well-equipped with everything needed to get started with IPL hair removal treatments right out of the box.
Here is what comes included in the Ulike Air 3 packaging:
  • The Ulike Air 3 IPL handset device
  • 1 power adapter plug
  • 1 charging cable
  • 1 disposable mini razor (with a replaceable head )
  • 1 instruction manual/user guide booklet
  • 1 safety goggles for eye protection
  • 1 instruction manual/quick start guide booklet

Where can you buy it?

Luxury beauty standards are now accessible from the comfort of home thanks to Ulike. This powerful yet gentle at-home system can be purchased directly from the official Ulike website for under $300. With its guaranteed safe, clinically-proven results and minimal ongoing touch-ups required, permanent hair removal has never been smoother sailing or more budget-friendly. Say goodbye to shaving and waxing mess – fresh, hairless skin starts here.